You’ve got questions,
we’ve got answers!

How much does is cost?
We have two packages with a variety of subscription options.
Basic Package options:
– US$4.00 x 24 months: Total US$96 charged every 24 months
– US$4.50 x 12 months: Total US$54 charged every 12 months
– US$7.00 per month

Business Package options:
– US$8.00 x 24 months: Total US$192 charged every 24 months
– US$8.50 x 12 months: Total US$102 charged every 12 months

What methods of payment are available?
Once you’re happy with your design you’ll be directed to PayPal.
Here you can decide if you want to pay via debit or credit card
or if you’d like to pay via your existing PayPal account.

Why do I need a mobile site?
On 21 April 2015, Google made a change to their mobile algorithm. Websites that are fully mobile-friendly now get served higher in Google search results than those who are not mobile at all or are merely mobile compatible. Read more about it here –

My current website is mobile compatible. Is that the same thing?
Mobile compatible websites simply resize to fit the screen it’s being viewed on. Resized, not optimised! A full mobile website is designed from scratch and delivers just the right amount of info and design to make browsing quick and easy for your customer and to make sure Google gives you extra points for having a mobile website.

I still want people to be able to view my full existing website on their mobile. How does that work?
With every Six Clicks template we include a view full website button. If browsers still want to see the full website, they still have the option to simply click through.

How will I measure if my mobile site is successful?
Our Six Clicks Analytics will be launching soon and we’ll be able to tell you exactly how much action your mobile website got.

Will my new mobile website replace my existing website?
Nope. Your existing website is safe and sound. Your mobile website will be served to people searching for your business from their mobile phones, while your existing site will be served when they browse on their desktops and tablets.

I want more design options!
The Six Clicks design team is working 24/7 to bring you new and improved templates and layouts. If you have a suggestion be sure to tell us here